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The Change Collection

A collection of articles about delivering real business change

Drawn from over eight years of blogging, this document pulls all Ian Sutherland's articles related to change into one place.
The collection has been sorted and slightly editted, but much of the text remains as it was first published.

Better Sponsor Engagement

An aide to building the relationship between Project/Programme Manager and their Sponsor

This document was created to promote discussion and clarity about the relative responsibilities and expectations between the manager of a change endeavour their sponsor.
It can be tailored to each situation and indeed that is encouraged. It can be rebranded and items can be added, deleted or simply moved. The key is that both parties share a common understanding.

Regulatory Change Is Different

Article published in Rocket - the Magazine for the OTC space

This article explores why and how regulatory change is different from more usual change and argues the value of a Regulatory Architect - someone to steward the overall regulatory operating model.

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